Thursday, February 24, 2011

Short Story Part 7

It was cold. The breeze flowing into the moving car right after the rain had stopped was cold. I preferred it like that actually. I prefer to drive with the windows down at night, or after the rain. So since it was 830pm and the rained had stopped an hour ago. I drove home. In the best condition. The wind in my face, messing up the right side of my hair. But I didnt care. This was the best part of my day. I looked again at the clock. Slowing my car down. I didnt want it to end. I wanted to drive for as long as I could.

Then my phone rang, waking me from my imaginary flying abilities.

"I cordially invite you to our wedding on the 5th of March 2011 at..... Hanafee and Sabrina." The main details of the text message. My eyes widened. Surprised. I havent talked to him in a very long time. Suddenly, out of the blue he tells me he's getting married? Crap!

I rushed home. Questions after questions after questions in my head. He didnt seem like the one who would want to get married so soon in life. I mean come on, we're only 26. Hanafee was not a close friend of mine. But we shared a lot of common ground. The weirdest of all was that we were both born on the same day. 17th of January 1985.

I got home, rushed into my room, ignoring my housemates in the living room, saying only "hey!" as i walked in. I got into my room, windows opened, wind rushing to the door, like cats trying to get out of a house because its been trapped all day. I put my bag down and took out my phone and dialed Hanafee's number.

"Hello, assalamualaikum. Fee?" I said
"Waalaikumsalam. Wei Zir, hahahahha."
"Dude, what happened?" I asked making it sound like something bad had happened.
"Why? what happened?" he said panicking a bit.
"Youre getting married?"
"Stop making it sound like its a bad thing hahaha."
"Hahaha well it is a bad thing, for her!" Hit! right in the forehead.
"Funny.." he stopped laughing and used his sarcastic voice.
"So whens the ceremony?"
"read the text you lazy twat!"
"Hahaha... so tell me... you still working there?"
"Yeah... But i might be moving soon. I dont want to jump into it, but I think I cant keep up the long distance relationship with Sabrina. I mean when we were dating it was fine. But shes going to be my wife and I want to be closer to her.... and at a more constant rate." Hanafee went on explaining things to me.
"So youre quitting huh? Im quitting my job too, just havent found a place to get work yet." I paused.
"I thought you like working there." I said to Hanafee.
"Yeah I do, that place is awesome."
"So you okay leaving?" I said wanting to know his answer, as i was having the same problem leaving my workstation. Hanafee had always spoken fondly of the weird ensemble of people working at his company. He had grown attached to them and it was weird for me to hear him quitting. To be honest I never saw it.

"what good enough reason do you have to leave?" i continued my question.

He took a deep breath, i could sense he had given this matter a lot of thought, or maybe he was just tired of answering the same question over and over again. Im sure someones asked him before I did. Then he said:-

"There are a lot of good reasons for me to keep working here, for me to stay here. But Sabrina, my future wife, is a better reason to leave. She alone is a better reason compared to all the good reasons to stay my friend."

At that moment, I was convinced. I was convinced he knew what he had to do and he was going to do it. I envied him. Mostly because I wasnt so sure of what to do next. We chatted for almost an hour until I told him I just got home and I needed some rest. He hung up. And i sat on my bed. The lights were off, the fan circling gently on top of my head and the breeze blowing in through the window. I closed my eyes as i allowed myself to bathe in the breeze for awhile. Somehow, I fell asleep. So deep was my sleep that night, I had no dreams. Just a large dark space and Im just falling with the wind as a bed. Tonight, ill sleep, Ill handle my mistakes tomorrow. Ill have regrets tomorrow. Ill have a bad day tomorrow. But tonight, Ill just sleep.

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