Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Office

There in silence,
I sat with challenged patience,
"Was this the final straw?"
I asked,
as I saw no other picture to draw,
No other conclusions to make,
no other morals to take.

Is this how it ends?
Is this how i stand,
not water nor sand,
have rippled in my hand,
apparently though....
It is not enough,
to just keep tough,
to just laugh,
was it because i wasnt there for the real stuff?
or was it because what bothered you were the small stuff?

You disappoint me,
with all your simple decree,
that you make to flee,
the troubles of the real world you see.
Sampai mati,
akan begini,
biarpun tiada masa lagi,
akan sentiasa ada ruang untuk sesaat untuk diri,
sesaat untuk luka untuk mati,

p/s Just read a really sad poem and felt like writing this.... thought it would be nice to incorporate some bm in it hahaha missed writing alot!!! Mr. and Mrs. Hanafee I like the sound of that, has a ring to it (pun intended)
Taknak carik gambar malas :D

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