Monday, July 25, 2011

Tiada Bintang di Langit Kuala Lumpur Pt. 2

There are no stars in the skies of Kuala Lumpur. Only empty promises and false hope. They shine because they assume the role of the silent predator. Tempting its victims with lights and colours, drowns them with absinthe the drink that hinders your ability to operate properly, and then snaps you into two. Kills you before you even know youre hurting. Drowned in the pool parties, and the alcohol and the bikinis and the dances and the music. Oh the music.

The music, beat over beat over beat of the same thing. Designed so you can lose yourself, hinder your emotions and tempt to you into letting the drums dictate the beat your heart. And when that happens, your heart, that feels, goes out of control. You think youre losing yourself to the music. But youre not, youre losing your heart.

And then you love, with a broken heart, unfit and unsure of the definition of love. Uncertain of its realness. Then you let go.

There are no stars in Kuala Lumpur, its a place with too many dead and dying hearts. Broken into a million pieces that it becomes difficult to fix. There are no stars in the sky of Kuala Lumpur, with the shattered pieces all around, its impossible to see, whether anyone can be free, truely and completely free.

There are no stars in sky of Kuala Lumpur, only pieces of broken hearts, and dying emotions, lowered inhibitions and bad decisions. There are no stars in the sky of Kuala Lumpur, yang ada cuma hati yang telah luka, ditinggalkan cinta, tapi memori yang kekal nyata. Tiada bintang di langit Kuala Lumpur, kerana bintangnya, telah diganti dengan hati yang samada telah mati, atau terluka. How dark the sky of Kuala Lumpur.


A.Khairul said...

Soo beautiful, macam baca puisi.

Hanafee said...

haha perli ek hahahah thanks for reading... bila nak ganti post tulisan mengarut kat blog tu? nanti org ingat dr dah jadik tak betul banyak sangat study hehehe

Sabrina said...

i am your star in kuala lumpur... falling star from Johor. hehehhehe