Thursday, January 8, 2015



How is your 2015 so far? Hope it is still not too late for me to say Happy New Year!
While you are still in first month of Quarter 1, i am already in the third month. My new year started in Muharram and now it's already Rabi'ul Awal. Hihi.

Am planning to open a new blog. It's gonna be about these two categories: Gold and Goat! hahaha. No am not kidding, i am serious. Then am gonna expand to other categories.
The blog will be in Bahasa with Knowledge theme. I need to open it soon as Time is Money Gold. *winks*

So with this news...can you guess what is my new year resolutions?

Stay tuned for my new baby blog!

p/s: I will still be maintaining this Hanafee Sabrina, though. =)



n0n0i♥a'n'l said...

Happy new year 2015, Sab!
Allah, baru ada masa wish kat sini.. terlambat! Tapi takpa..

Moga tahun ni akan jadi tahun lebih baik dari tahun2 sebelumnya.

Amin amin allahuma amin.

Sabrina said...

Aww...Thank you Kak Noi!
Sorry for replying you this late jugak. huhuhu.

Happy new year 2015 to u too!
walaupun sekarang dah February. Hey, it is the thoughts that count kan? hehe

Semoga this year would be brighter and best for you too.

Take care sister.