Friday, June 30, 2017

'Posted by' jadi tak betul sudahhh

Aiseyy... I was trying to update the labels for Hanafee's old posts and when i changed the labels suddenly all the posts with his signatures became my signature!

It should be "Posted by Hanafee"... now dah jadi "Posted by Sabrina" pulakkk. Apa ni blogspot?! What have you done? Kan dah tak betulll.... padahal bukan sab yg tulis pun... ish, tak suka lah bila info jadi tidak tepat ni. Boleh mengelirukan orang tau. 

Hahaha. Little things like this pun nak emo. Kikikiki. 
Takdelah.. emo few secs je, bukan emo 24hours... LOL. 

Anyway, for old posts, trust the label ok - if it says Hanafee's writings, then it is. Just ignore 'Posted By Sabrina' tu. Grrr, 

Hmm... or maybe i will just hide the "Posted by" 
Settle. Hihi

Ok da~ 

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