Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beautiful Word Clouds

I present you my
Word Clouds!!!!

Nak Jugak????

Klik-lah sini.


Selamat Mencuba~!!


Adil said...

this is really cool.. I thought they were tag clouds, turns out theyre word clouds! i wanna have one :D

Y u n a said...

pic no3 from the top:
mamak hot..@@!?!
which mamak? ahahaha...:P

''''dELinDa said...


Bubbly Summer said...

to adilah: macam tag clouds tapi bukan. hehe. i'm already addicted to the application. I keep on testing with diff words, diff colors, diff orientation till i am satisfied. =D

to yuna: Hahahhaha. i realized that too. it's a coincidence anyway. Blame the application. =D

to ain: Ape yg comey ain?? Comey ke menarik?? =D

*alia* said...

cmne nk paste kat blog?huu

*alia* said...

hehe sabrina pny besar...lawa..uhm guna screen capture tu yea?
mind if u ajar me?

Sabrina said...

ur welcome, alia, have u read my 2nd reply in ur blog?


*alia* said...

i br baca.thnx yea..nnt i try :)