Saturday, May 3, 2008


Watch this movie

And you would know what I am trying to convey here.

Can dreams affect our thoughts?
Should dreams have an effect on a person’s waking life?
I would say, yes.

Coz I once had this one dream. My brother, my father and me. In a car. Accident happened and the car turned upside down, crashed and burned. We died and that’s when the souls parted from bodies. My soul could see my dead body, my brother’s, my father’s. Our souls could witness the pious imam led family and neighbors for prayer over our dead bodies. Our souls could see the men buried us into the hole. Our souls watched the family, friends and loved ones for the last time. Knowing it’s too late for everything. It’s too late. I remember I called my mom and cried. I cried coz I didn’t want it to happen. I cried coz I didn’t want something tragic to happen. Coz I wasn’t ready. And I still am. Not ready.

That dream makes me think about many things I take for granted; my father, my brother, my family, my loved ones. It makes me realize that I should appreciate them, love them and cherish every moments spend with them. It makes me realize also that I am not immortal. And so I do believe that dreams are very important, that they should be listened to.
I heard that some people receives signs when they are about to die. That they can sense their time has come. I think that is premonition. On the other hand, déjà vu is different. In déjà vu, it feels like it’s already happened but you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Has our time come?
If for some reason you thought you didn’t have a lot of time left, I mean in life.
If you had one day left, what would you do?

Think of family. Think of loved ones.

Love them like there's no tomorrow.
-by Summer-


I watched this movie a year ago when it was released and i liked it. Probably because the idea of the movie is what i think. This movie talks about answering one question... just one question... "How should i love her??"

The answer... and i love the answer... Love her entirely and whole-heartedly. Ive never seen the guy act before but i thought his English "English" accent is the right thing for the movie. They have chemistry but most of all he doesnt overshadow the movie like how Brad Pitt overshadows a movie. He blends with it and the movie brings about questions of maturity and how love should be treated. I like in the end how the girl says.. "Loving him was so easy for me..." and thats how it should be.. yes you will have disagreements and yes you will have arguments... but loving someone should never be hard... if loving him was easy... then loving her would have been easier...

So i tell all to watch this movie... it gives you the answer.. Love as if theres tomorrow is a good way of summer-izing this movie hehe... so i add this... love like theres no tomorrow and love until forever...
-by Seth-


tokentasya said...

aku dh tgk dh cite ni..sdey gile..huk2

Bubbly Sabrina said...

i'm sure kite kite yg dah tgk citer ni learnt some lessons..kan?

*don't take those we love for granted.

*listen to the dreams...

*remember important dates!! hehe

*make those we love happy!!

*wiling to take risks

*willing to sacrifice..

hmm...i still have a lot to learn though...

p/s: aku tau ko nangis tasya...ain cakap. hehehehe.

Witty Hanafee said...

heheh honest bagus bagus ada some people tu ehem ehem taknak ngaku dia nangis hehehehe