Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flowers mood

Saya sedang dalam mood yang berbunga-bunga. Hence, the flowery post.

Flowers can instantly make you feel so much happier. They are beautiful to look at and smell good. Don't wait for someone to buy flowers for you. You deserve it, so buy them for yourself.


Bunga apa kamu suka??


ღn0n0iღ said...

Red rose and sunflower!!!!!!!!! =D

manje said...

hope i spelled that right.hehehhehe
eh eh..mood berbunga-bunga ye?
hehehhe,,,macam best je. good for you!

Sabrina said...

kak noi mesti suka gambar sunflower tu kan?? =D

manje, yes, u spelt it right! I had to google to know how it looks like! Bunga tu color yellow kan? hehe.

✿A 'n' L✿ said...

Kak Sab,
We love SUNFLOWERS.. errrr.. sunflower seeds are soo yummmmmmmmmy..

Heeeeeeeeee~~ =P

manje said...

yup, ada yellow and white juga =)