Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trivial updates.

Pergh.... lama gila tak blog! Too tired to blog after work. Sometimes tak tired mana pun, but i am just lazy. Dengan laptop yang kejap kejap mati, and internet at home yang sucks, slow sangat, i cannot stand it, so i don't blog.

Tomorrow is Monday and keje and patutnya sudah tidur sekarang but i am waiting for a call.

I sleep early. I think the girls yang pernah 1 room 1 dorm with me at school at college knew that i am an early sleeper. Sleeper? Haha. Funny. Whateva. I think the only thing that makes me sleep after 12 is midnight movie. Hehe.

Ops. Hanafee is calling! Hehe. Bye blog!

1 comment:

F said...

Sabby, I went back n start blogging in my own blog site.turn out,having a shared blog with your other half does not work for people like me n,u can still read me at u ..miss u..xoxo