Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh How I Wish

Found this while browsing room decor for Hanafee... =D

I so want this drawer!!!! Daddy?


And then i found this pinky space...

Don't you think it's so... so... AWESOME???!!!

Hmm..sesuai untuk rumah sewa saya akan datang ni... (dreaming)

Alright, this is my first option!!

I want a room exactly like this!!

White and neat with some flowers.


Or this, as second option.. hehe.

Oh yeah, i love red pink and green!!!

Ah, can't wait for the future!!!


chezzem said...

owh, my new room gonna be fuschia, green and white!! baru choose painting whatsoever. now kena pilih how to reused the old furniture and transform it sesuai with my theme =)

Bubbly Sabrina said...

really? hehe. good for u! i suggest you browse the net for room decor babe. mesti juling mate!!

p/s: ur house dah siap ek? dah lame sangat tak lalu situ.

chezzem said...

belom lah.. bumbung pun takde lagi ;p