Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Story of My Heart (poem)

i'll be fine,
tomorrow i will shine,
tomorrow i will dine,
tomorrow i will bask in thine,

Is another day,
another day to pray,
pray for what might just may,
be another day,
of torment and pain,

i will find,
between the vast spaces in my mind,
where imagination and love intertwined,
where ideas are original and unrefined,
so i can use my brain to unwind,

I will be better,
to write that letter,
that i have been postponing,
to live and let live together,

every thing's going to be fine,
but tonight let reap, weep, and keep,
tonight, let me sleep....


Sabrina said...

*hugs you*

you have to explain this one to me. i cant seem to read between the lines..

i love you.. get well soon.

Hanafee said...

Tomorrow i can be stronger... tomorrow will be better.... tapi last night ngantuk sangt hehe *hugs you*