Monday, July 7, 2008


I just had lunch with my older brother. Someone i have always rated as being underrated in means of critical thinking. People often overlook his opinions but i think he holds more bearing in terms of rationality compared to most people i know. I asked him what he thought of Anwar and he spoke of it so calmly. I remind anyone reading this that i open for debate. I am open for arguments as well. So let us see just how much really is Anwar a charismatic leader.

When i asked my brother he said to me this. "The question to ask is why..."

As if jolted by a bolt of lightning i was reminded of the fundamentals of learning. To always ask why. So here in this blog i begin by asking a few questions.

Why the Turkish Embassy? Why the rally of international support including The United States and Singapore? If he has the secret to make fuel prices lower then why does he keep it tom himself? Why does he not disclose it to the people? if he says he is fighting for the malays then why insist on fighting battles that will divide the Malay community? Why the need to involve foreign countries to the matters of nation and state?

Lets follow this issue point by point. Lets start from the beginning, lets start from what Anwar wants. He says he is the voice of democracy, that what he wants is a prosperous, democratic and just country. Now every Malaysian knows this story. The story of Ghee Hin Hai San. The story of the British intervening in our national matters because it was getting beyond what our leader could help with. So they came in under the mask of making things better. We'll fix it for you. We lost Pulau Pinang, Melaka and Singapore at that time. And again today we are faced with the same situation. Anwar holds a rally, UMNO retaliates and we end up having American Peace Keepers amongst us. Another term for Resident Gabenor (familiar names include J.W.W Birch)

The concept is the same, America sees us unfit to rule so in the name of democracy, they intervene and under the mask of (wanting a free world) they come and take away our freedom.

How do we know this is going to happen? Because it has happened before. Orang Melayu kata "benda dalam kelambu takyah cerita dekat orang." If Anwar keeps on with his snitching and telling then it would play into arms of other nations that America had no choice but to intervene.

Now the plight of the people is the rising fuel prices, Anwar claims to have the solution. Why keep it to himself? Why not do it now? Tell the government... let them do it. Why wait until he becomes prime minister? Why does he have to wait until he is in power? While waiting for Anwar to be Prime Minister Malaysians (the one he claims he is fighting for) is spending more and more money everyday. Losing the battle with large fuel corporations everyday. So why are you selfish??? Similar to a boy who knows how to multiply but refuses to tell the whole class unless he is appointed as the teacher.

He knows that rallies breeds hate. People will have their differences highlighted during these so called peaceful rallies. "The Bersih Rally" for example. Yellow shirts are with us, those who are not wearing yellow against us. Imagine a guy who was walking among them totally unaware of the reason of the rally or any political event for that matter, so he walks through the crowd to get to a Seven-11 to buy a can of coke. The yellow shirts around him starts staring at him. Their minds thinking "Pro-government lah tu nak tunjuk berani" when in reality, he doesnt even have political preferences.

Intimidated by the looks around him, he reacts in a defensive manner. And in minutes push turns to shove and violence erupts. Why would he ask the people to rally and risk violence? Why highlight the differences between us?

Kita tengok, benda ni sounds familiar ke tak. Dia jumpa US kata kerajaan "jahat". Dia balik dia suruh buat rally. Manusia-manusia bodoh buat rally, polis masuk campur pengikut pro kerajaan pun masuk campur and bergaduh. US kata "things have gotten out of hand and we need to restore democracy to Malaysia." Dalam beberapa bulan, askar dan polis America mula memasuki dan menduduki tanah air kita. Perwakilan dilantik untuk menyelia perkembangan negara. Sultan tidak lagi mempunyai pendapat. Perdana Menteri yang dipilih adalah yang memang rajin merepot pada America. Ketuanan Melayu tidak lagi wujud, kenapa? kerana USA mahukan negara multi-cultural. Negara Bangsa.

Dan kembali lah kita pada perjanjian Pangkor. "Hence forth all efforts will be put forth by the East India British Company in order to restore the nation into a prosperous nation" dan mula lah semakin ramai perwakilan mereka menduduki, merosakkan negara dan menjadikan kita barua mereka yang seterusnya.

Apa agenda kamu Anwar? Kenapa kamu mahu berada diatas sebelum kamu mahu membantu bangsa kamu sendiri? Kenapa perlu jadi perdana menteri sebelum kamu mahu menolong rakyat? Tiada pengaruh? Tiada sumber? Tidak Benar. You said in 1996 during your speech in UKM. "We can do anything we set our minds to, even without support." buktikan kata-katamu.

Right now what the people need are not prime ministers, or ministers, or parties. We need leaders. Leaders who are willing to sacrifice self-ego in order for the better good. The public good. The good of all. If Anwar insists on being in power before he starts helping the people, then what is going to stop teachers stopping to teach unless they get a raise? Whats to stop surgeons from not wanting to perform surgery because he wants to be prime minister? The only thing stopping is their oath to do their duty. A politician has no oath, no ethics like lawyers or doctors or teachers. Even under-graduate students signs a promise and oath letter to study. But not politicians they are not bounded. The only things that controls them are two things. The self-conscious and the people. The people godify Anwar. And if he wants to be in power before he starts helping the people, then we know what he has in his self-conscious.

People question Why. Why does he tell foreign nations. Why he insist on being prime minister before he starts helping the people. Im not saying the government is a hundred percent good. Maybe one day if i have time id talk to my brother about Altantuya. But similarly enough, we should not let personal agenda of the leaders be our directions.


Summer said...

hmmm... the more i read about politics...whether it's online or offline.. the more i am confused..

Anwar is so good in convincing his supporters... but mahathir is even more convincing...

don't know who's black and who's white... or perhaps they are just the same..

why why and why... a never ending question.. siapa tau jawapan sebenar ek? isteri anak dier tau tak? =)

have any reporters asked Anwar those why questions?

mAshe said...

maybe u should sab.. hehehe.. maybe being shoved into jail for a crime he didnt commit, years watching his family suffer might made him into something else kot?.. sometimes i wonder, whats really driving him? driving him to turn to violence.. when he was a pretty great leader not too long ago.. is it really for the better good, or just revenge? *ponders*

Hanafee said...

Dear mashe...
its interesting that you mentioned his family suffered. After he was caught both his wife and daughter become prominent politicians and both won the last national election. If you think about it, the injustice was the best thing that ever happened to his family.. hehe... but my brother pernah cakap.. prison changes you... maybe... just maybe... he believes he can affect change... or maybe.. he just wants to be the most powerful man in Malaysia... simple as that. But loved your point of view... keep reading ya?

Summer said...

Prison can change you..either we become better or worse than before being shoved into jail.

Did Anwar or his supporters turn to violence? I always think he's the catalyst.

QuaChee said...

i like the way you say to ask why why & why.

if you see every person, there is a motive. there is a reason for everything that they do.

and though i do think there are sincere people around, but most of the cases (if i am right, about 80-95% of the times), want something in return - be it financially or emotionally (it can be as simple as why a mum loves her children - not that im saying that it is wrong).

a point to note - nobody works for free. most ppl dont, not even in charities. they dont go to a company's CEO/ HR Mgr and say, Tuan, I nak kerja dengan you. Utk percuma.... or Utk part time tanpa gaji. Kerana I suka syarikat encik. I rasa I boleh bantu syarikat encik berkembang & ada banyak yang I boleh sumbang. Tapi, usah Tuan risau. I tidak perlukan apa apa elaun atau gaji. I benar benar nak tolongkan syarikat encik je.

You know, Ive even seen for myself, ppl asking for monies for each referral - and they are not even in the business! Take a housing agent for example. Ive known some agents having to pay referral fee to the introducer - for him/ her introducing the buyer/ seller. And this is not small fee, but rather like 50% of the sale!

So, I guess you are right. That there is ulterior motives for each individual.

Now that that is cleared, the next question to also ask is Why Not? Try putting your questions youve raised again but rather than Why to Why Not?

And it can be applied to any party, or any situation.

For this, the answers could be that the individual looks upon his personal goals but also there could be outisde factors deterring/ supporting one's cause.

A simple analogy:
Why do a Blogger blog?
Why does a Blogger dont dont blog?

To see the Why Not may take a lil more experience, but if one does & really takes the time to analyse, things become clear :)

Hope you dont mind this share of thoughts. :)

Hanafee said...

That my friend is also the right question to ask.

So why not? Simple, because if he takes refuge in the turkish embassy, Malaysia cannot afford to go to war with another Islamic nation.

why not he reveal his plan? well simple laverage.

Why not divide the Malay community? because when the malay community are divided then there needs to be two leaders. Division creates more heads.

Foreign involvement? why not? Because Malaysia is a small country that is sometimes afraid of its own shadow... a global superpower would scare us just as much...

The Why nots are good questions, however, the problem with the society is that we forget to ask the essentials of learning. Blame it on the education system or even intelligent design, the truth of the matter somewhere along the way we just stopped asking why the rainbow is colorful. There is no need to ask why not, because we dont even ask why.

Asking why not, well it all adds up to one - works in favor of anwar, second - works in the favor of the government. Even in writings such as this... Anwar against the government... any romantic (literary term not the malayish slang) would be mesmerized by the idea. The rebellious men, alone striving for justice in a world that is against him... sounds so... final fantasy like??? but this is happening... we could ask why not, but the answer would either be beneficial to anwar or the government. And truth be told... i could care less about what the government or anwar gains... i care about what the people will gain.

By disclosing those plans, he has now created a platform to help malaysians in order to ease the fuel price. And who benefits from that?


So this is to answer you quachee... why do i not ask why not? because i could care less about what anwar does something for his own good. Or if the government does something for their own good. I care when they both find a cross road, so distant and so seldomly they come a cross a place.. where they agree and there... the people will benefit. That is why i choose not to ask why not...

Loved reading your comments though... keep coming back yeah?? we love public debates here we relish the intelligent challenges.

KLConfidential said...

Hi there.

It is excellent to have young people like you thinking about these things and voicing it out through your blogs. Kudos to you!

But i must point out here that there are many things that you or even i do not know of. Things that go on within our Malaysian political spectrum (which is very sophisticated, i might add).

Don't confuse between Anwar and the rallies. Anwar is KeAdilan, the Bersih rally was done by BERSIH. It is different, Hanafee.

Not everybody who expresses their dissatisfactions (via blogs etc) with the government, supports the opposition. That is the mistake a lot of people make. They assume that if you are not agreeing with the government, you must be with the opposition.

The truth is not that simple. A lot of the bloggers may not even like Anwar. You must remember, he is just one man. Would i stake my future on just one man? No.

There is a bigger picture. We are against corruption and manipulations. Be it by Anwar, Nik Aziz or even Pak Lah.

True, there are many fanatical people out there who support just one person and do not look at things objectively.

This is where Malaysian people/audiences must mature as a people. They must learn to look out for themselves rather than blindly supporting one person 100%.

We are all human.

Personally I do not agree with your view that rallies promote hate. Have you been to one? I went to Bersih and many others. It was a unifying experience and I felt truly in awe of the Malaysian people, it brought tears to my eyes.

Young, old, all races... all together for one good cause. For fairness and justice. Even the motorists stuck in the traffic yelled their support for us.

I felt empowered.

Rallies are about your right to express yourself and be heard. Much like your blog. Especially in an environment where your government is not heeding your call for justice.

In many modern countries, rallies happen all the time and the police assist it. This is because they recognize that it is the people's right to express their opinions.

Maybe one day we will see a rally in Malaysia where it doesn't inconvenience anyone because of the cooperation of the police. You know, even now, people in high positions in the PDRM support the rallies? But sadly their hands are tied.

Even sadder is the fact that the government 'silences' some people by using the ISA. Honestly, I feel strongly about the ISA as it is wrong against Islam and very inhumane.

How can you jail someone for years and not charge them in court? What about their families? What about their reputations? What about their right to defend themselves in court?

Just out of curiosity, I'd like to ask: Do you agree with the ISA?

It is important for young people like you to take an interest in Malaysia. Please do keep it up!

Always put yourself in the other person's shoes.
And always know that there are many sides to a story.
Make your own opinions and do not let others influence you. Experience things for yourself and do not judge others based on assumptions.


Hanafee said...

ISA.. haaaa the on-going debate between the human and individual right... and the public good. When i do that it means that even i am not sure where i stand on that topic. I have countless debates with myself regarding ISA that i sometimes feel im for both sides of ISA. So here are my arguments.

Why am i against it????

I am against it because it is against the right to breathe. The first and most fundamental of all rights is the right to breathe. The right to breathe which some might have already forgotten is the right to liberty. I have always felt that taking someone out of their beds at night without any pre-statement, not giving them a fair trial and sticking them in bars for years for me is no different to taking an animal, slaughtering it and selling it off... all without its consent... i have always tried putting myself in ones shoes.. i always imagined if i was the one detained under ISA... if was taken away from my bed at night... strangled away from my future wife while she gasps for breath screaming for to be let go... and never having that question answered... that simple question... "what did i do wrong?" and i find myself questioning why on earth do we need it?????

However sometimes... i am reminded that there are people in this world who just takes pleasure from others being divided.... benefiting from the the war of brothers... there are just people in this world who just doesnt care where their followers end up... there are people who are just looking to sit on the throne no matter what the cost... and if America finally took something that was ours and made something similar (the patriot act) then we must be doing something right....

I am all for free speech... but as a malay i realize that it is i who have to watch my words. I am not a racist. But what use is free speech if it is only subject to a few people???

I am against and for ISA. Simple because even though it is the worst possible way to do things... i also realize its the only system that we have... plus i dont think that the system should be blamed.... i think the system is Ok... not great but ok... necessary evil.. i think humans make it a bad thing... just what i think...

thanks so much for your comment... i love when people make me think a step further thank you!!!! Keep reading ya???

KLConfidential said...

Fantastic! You make good points and are quite objective!

Love it. Please do keep it up!

syarat said...

this 3 person, i may say have a very reasonable way of dealing with their thinking. my guess is all of them have had maybe years of experience or being under correct influences.or both.

i love this thread.

those political blogs in wordpress, their just plain ignorant people. when they disagree with one thing, flaming is all they did.