Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year.

As soon as Summer messaged me telling me to write the WBN New Year post. The first thing that came to mine was reading what my dad wrote on the first of January 1997 in his journal. He stopped writing on the 24th of July that same year and he passed away a month later. I have always used what he wrote in that book that day to start my new years and i think its time i shared it with the whole of WBN readers. So from Summer and Seth. Happy New Years, may the coming year prove to be better than those we have lived so far, and may the passing year go without any regrets. By the way, Im glad because i have spent the last two years with the best person you can ever share a year with.... i hope i get to share even more specials years with Summer. I love you Sayang. Happy New Years.

With a new year comes a new page to write in
A new light which can shine
a new moment to be great in
a new hope for new angels
a new second to start
a new moment to re-think death and living
a new moment to think of life
a new beginning to a new story
an only love to keep loving
a new fear to face
a new obstacle to overcome

With a new year comes a new page to add in the book of your life
With a new year comes
a chance to start over.....

Written by Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Juman

So for everyone.

Happy New Year.

From Seth (Hanafee) & Summer (Sabrina)




ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

happy new year =)
may wish come true..insyaAllah..

mAshe said...

your father's writing is beautiful :) happy new year you two

chezzem said...

Happy New Year Fee & Sab~

Hanafee said...

noi and Chezzem - Happy new year~!!!!
Mashe - I love it hahah thanks happy new years