Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to be a worst girlfriend

It was on the loo when i thought of....."Oh crap! I forgot to do a birthday post for my boyfriend!" And people, that is the 1st point on how to be a worst girlfriend. Let's continue to number two.

2. Melambat-lambatkan ucapan "Happy Birthday" when he's already showing you the time with his handphone that it's already 12.15 mid night.
3. Let him pay for all the things and meals on his birthday.
4. Not even buying him a cake or presents or gifts.
5. Making him drive you to your uncle's house so that you can spend time with your family instead of him on his birthday.
6. Say something that shock him while driving till he lost his temper at you.
7. Making him withdraw money from his card because your card's chip is outdated.

In other words, no special treatment on his birthday. Oh, how teruk i am to Hanafee. *kecewa* And so am gonna write something for him.

Dear Hanafee/Glow giver/Superman/Boyfriend/Husband,

I'm sorry I've been bad. I am probably the worst girlfriend in the list but i know it's because i am so worst i am tatooed in your mind you can't leave me. Heh. =P

Happy Birthday. Thank you for being so patient with me and for being so cool and comforting everytime i needed you.

Please stay healthy and strong. Please don't smoke. I'm gonna keep on throwing and hiding the cigs and making arrogant faces in front of your friends just because you keep on smoking regardless in front of me or not. I am clever. I've been living with a smoker for 24 years i know how a smoker smells.

I'm going to stay with you no matter what, no matter how bad i am, i will stay. And i hope you too. And I'm gonna keep on reminding myself to begin with the end in mind so that i won't hurt you in the future.

Please don't work too hard till you fall sick. I love you.


Noi❤Alexia❤Lolo said...

Oh...sweet entry..

Happy Birthday... And please don't smoke!! Hehehe

Wish you happiness & joy!!

p/s : Sab, kadang tu KakNoi suka disable comment sebab takde apa pon rasanya untuk di komen :P:P

Hanafee said...

How to be the best boyfriend?

- Be enormously happy shes there on your birthday (Done!)