Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Office here, office there

I am right now at the big bad scary city. A change of working environment is good for you, even though if it’s just for 3 days. *smiles*

What I like about working in this city is you can come late to work and then go back early. Thank you traffic jams! *evil grin*

What I like about the office I am working at is its toilet. It’s clean and dry and it will never run out of tissue. *happy face*

What I don’t like about the office is I can’t see greeneries *sads*. It’s so freaking cold here and quiet. I am surrounded by creamy white walls. Urgh. Tertekan ok. Now I can see why city people are stressful.

But hey, no matter where we work, there are always pros and cons.

It’s not the office, it’s ME, and it’s YOU.

So chin up, smile and face the day sunshine!

p/s: We have the tendency to want something which is bad for us and to hate something which is good for us. Think deep and be thankful.

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