Sunday, January 2, 2011


Masuk Tahun 2011 sudah...... how's your new year, readers? =)

Don't be too happy celebrating it, because we never know whether you u'd gonna smile or cry towards the end...

2011 started bad? It's ok... this is just the beginning, we still have 364 days to make the ending awesome!

Betul tak? *smiles*

Terus....pardon me for this typical question: Apa azam tahun baru? hehe


n0n0i♥a'n'l said...

yeah 2011 started bad, but hey it's not the end of the world.. At least my 8 years cousin said "2012 mau kiamat sudah kan Kak Noi" ..hahaha OK, ada setahun lagi (LOL).

Seth&Summer, Happy New Year 2011.
Azam tahun baru? Oh, none. Just wanna make sure azam tahun lepas yg belum tercapai, akan tercapai. Tu je, insyaAllah.

HAHA dah lama tak panggil nama tu, Seth&Summer (LOL).

AnEs said...

nak kawennn!opps!

Sabrina said...

hehehe.. happy new year to you too kak noi. =D Semoga azam tahun lepas dapat di tick off kan cecepat. And semoga dipertemukan dgn Mr. Right! *winks*

Eliz, together we become wifey next year! Wee~ lepas ni kena switch tgk desperate housewives pulak! hahahhaha =P

manje said...

heppy new year to u too =)
i takde azam tahun baru pun hahhaaha
just want to make myself better jek.