Sunday, January 30, 2011


Wah! Sudah day 30 in year 2011! Tomorrow is 31st and then comes 1st February. Time is running fast huh? What have you accomplished so far?

I still have things-to-settle-list that i haven't strikethrough yet! Cuak itu ada. Risau itu pasti ada. But it's ok... stay calm.. stay calm...and carry on. Fuh! We can't control everything, can we? Stop being a control freak, Sabrina! Huhu.

Resolutions. Yes, actually i wanna share my resolutions with you. With the hope that you would help me by reminding me in case i forget about the resolutions. Like "Hey Sabrina, act on it! It's on your list, remember?" Ha...something like that.

So here we go... things i wanna pay a little bit more attention to:

Me and God - Sembahyang. Mengaji.
Me and Me - Make colorful cute crafts. Memasak. BMW-bijak mengurus wang. Hehe.
Me and Human - Keep quiet, sit, sleep or do something colorful cheerful peaceful when angry.

Okai, that's all. Senang tak? Can you help me?


zyedz said...


InsyaAllah senang :)

(kamu sudah hampir dengan alam rumah tangga kah? tahniah in advance!)

pijapijot said...

bunyi macam senang kan kan kan =P
goodluck babe

Sabrina said...

@ zaidah : Thank you zaidah! =D

@ pija : i know it's not easy. and i refuse to use negative words. hehehe