Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Far Away

I'm stressed.
I'm worried.

I believe I can do it.
A or not.
I care no more.

Right now.
I miss you.


Witty Hanafee said...

when youre stressed... im stressed..
when you worry.. im worry....
when you believe i believe...
when you dont care... i care a little that you get an A coz i think you deserve it...

I dont stress or worry with you to make you stop worrying or stop being stressed...

I just believe that even in the worst place on the planet we still need company :D..

so ill keep you company no matter what heheh miss you too sweety!!!

tokentasya said...

jgn stress2 ek??take care dear =)

~n0n0i~ said...

oh dear~ jgn stress ya..
believe me.. everything gonna be fine... cam Seth ckp.. u deserve an A..juz believe in urself ek..huhuhu
igt sgt cane rasanya sem lalu..believe me, 1 day u will laugh on this...

take care, do ur best dear~

Bubbly Sabrina said...

thanks abang, tasya, kak noi..
really appreciate it..sayang korang!!!