Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Life, On the Line

My new addiction!!!

What’s a plurk?
A plurk is the new social journal. The new “in” thing. =D

It’s not a game. It's nothing like Myspace, Friendster and Facebook. No no no.

It’s like a shout out message. Something like usual existing chat box but the only different is plurk is cooler. You don’t scroll down, but you move horizontally.

Every message can get a response. It’s like you are giving one sms to the whole world and then get many replies. =)

So Plurk is a small message that you can broadcast to the world, your buddies or just yourself over the web, through instant messaging, and through text messaging on your mobile phone. You showcase your everyday happenings on the timeline.

There is also plurk widget where u can embed on your blog. You can see mine and Seth’s here in our sidebars of this blog. =)

What’s the main benefit of joining plurk?

You will get karma points! The more response you give to other’s plurk, the more karma points you will collect. However, if you do bad thing like spamming others or u get rejected when u friend request others, then your karma points will be decreased.

  • Plurk as stalkerati central: People + Lurk = Plurk
  • Plurk as an amalgam of Play + Work: Play-Work. Plurk is what scientists do. It is the enthusiastic, energetic application of oneself to the task at hand as a child excitedly plays; it is the intense arduous, meticulous work of an artist on their life-long masterpiece; it is joyful work.
  • Plurk as acronym: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Karma
  • Verb potential: “Oh I googled this –> Oh I plurked it” Easy enough to wrap around in any form. Plurked, plurking, plurkers, plurks. Little p, big P, it’s catchy, snippy and sweet.

  • Apa lagi, jom lah join plurk!!

    Click here to join. =)

    p/s: It is P.L.U.R.K. bukan Peluk. =P
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