Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Childhood Memory

Found this while tidying up my magical box
which i kept all my artsy staff and colorful papers.

Given by my childhood kawan karib
who happened to be the most popular girl in primary school

God how I miss the school
and my childhood
and the girls
and the teachers

It's funny
though we are living in the same hometown
in the same Taman Rinting
we hardly find time to catch up with each other

Nasib baik kawan karib yang seorang ini
pandai buat blog
boleh keep in touch online


chezzem said...

oh mi god! oh mi god!
i don't even remember i'd ever gave you a card. a self-made card pulak tue. made from hallmark kan?? hahahahaha!i sounded so silly back then but cute :p i was looking for any typo tapi tak sangke pandai pulak. hahah. gosh! well, u're lucky to have a friend like me tau (ayat tak boleh blah). no no, i'm lucky to have a good friend like you (that's more like it)!

awak, kite kawan sampai kita tua yeeeee..

''''dELinDa said...

olooorrr.. comeynye.. cute sesangat! sweet!! *speechless* =p

Hanafee said...

Chezzem... bleh ek cakap camtu hehehe

Anyways... I kinda like reading this card...reminds me of the time when kids argued things like "Bapak aku lagi kuat lah pada bapak kau.." "rumah kau dengan rumah aku rumah sapa lagi besar hah???" and of course the favorite "kenapa ko taknak kawan dengan aku??? Kau taknak aku pun taknak kawan dengan kau huh!!!..."

So yes... loved this post... going to my favorite list hahaha

asyraf sktr 1 said...

Sab shaleen ckp jgn bagi org lain bace! hehehe

cute2! =D

masa ni kita darjah berapa??

I miss all my childhood friends!

miss dudu said...

hoho...i tot u r the most popular girl in sktr..hee~