Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For those of you unfamiliar with allmalaysia.info well basically the website is what the name tells literally. It has basic information on Malaysia. Their latest section of AMBP (All Malaysian Blogs Project) is where they review the good blogs and recommend them to people. They usually find a lot of good blogs and they give an interesting write up or review about the blog. A few weeks ago, Summer drew my attention to the fact that we were the featured blog for the web at:


And at that time i didnt think it was that big a deal because i had once been featured in blog directory which was fine. Little that i know that allmalaysia.info was part of The Star Newspaper project and now im hooked. The cool thing about it is that it has been the featured blog for almost a month now, we were featured on the 20th of August and I'm no mathematical genius but i think that qualifies for a month. So there it goes. Me and Summer were happy, the reprecussions???

Well basically our nuffnang analytics indicator has mentioned for various weeks now that our total of blog readers or at least people who come to the blog have reached an estimation of 1407 unique readers, averaging more than 200 readers per week. Summer is so excited and when shes excited that means i am too... yes people i know how pathetic that sounds huh!!...

Anyway... for who ever that has been putting us on the map.. me and summer would like to say thank you... and for those who just dropped by for the first time leave a comment on any post we'll get back to you for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks people!!!!!!!!

The paragraphs below is added by Summer (hehe):

To family and friends and even you stranger, thank you. thank you so much.

Nombor 1407 itu bukanlah jumlah yg mahu dibanggakan. Sebenarnya kami berdua tersangat excited sampai nak berkongsi kegembiraan dan ke-excited-an kami ni!!! hehehhehe. Kalau dibandingkan dgn blog Dr. Mahathir or MalaysianToday, mmg seciput gile lah bilangan unique reader blog kami ni. hehe. Tapi what the plurk la kan??? Nak happy jugak!!!! =P

Thanks to AllMalaysiaInfo. You have increased the visitors to this blog and so I'm more than happy to promote your site too.. (Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa, tak gitu?)

To you who want to get more visitors as well as readers, please do not hesitate to register HERE or copy paste this link: http://allmalaysia.info/ambp/blogdir.asp

Who knows?? You might be the next featured blog..... =)

With that, We Thank You.

p/s: Wei presiden DUTA KBH!!!! Sejiwang jiwang blog kitorang pun, dapat jadik featured blog wei!!! (ini adalah gurauan) wahahhahahhha =D


angah said...

hohoho... sure nanti bile jumpe along die cakap, "angah~ blog ktorg femes tau~"

Bubbly Summer said...

hehehehe. *summer yg sedang kegelian hati*

mie said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin. Kad dari AzmIe_(",)...

DeWi said...

summer punya blog suda pemes skang.... huuu~ nk tumpang glamer leh.. hahaha

Bubbly Summer said...

bukan summer punye blog la shuwa...

summer & seth punye blog..

kang merajuk pulak si seth tu..
bende bende cenggini dia sensitip. hehe.

ReDoNe said...

congrats 2 summer & seth~!
lama sungguh x mengunjungi blog ni..

Adil said...

kat sinila sy jmpe kamu punye blog!