Monday, September 1, 2008

what are you thinking???

As i browsed the bookmark pages on my bookmark tabs and read entries and comments of all the blogs that i read, i found this one entry which was commented. His entry was regarding the victory of DSAI in Permatang Pauh and of course it effect in a national sense. What strikes me is not that content of the blog but rather the comment left by one particular reader in which he/she suggest something i found offensive. The comment wrote and i quote

"Keamanan palsu lebih teruk dari peperangan terbuka..."

I found myself mulling over this idea of war and how open he was to it....

This is what i think, any kind of peace is better than any kind of war, the peace that he so called says is fake, is the reason why anyone has an education, why he has a computer to write on, an internet connection to use, a place to voice his opinions, while in war, there is only death, killing and destruction.

I know not the preference of this comment, but i honestly found it disturbing that someone who have ever lived in Malaysia find the idea of war a better solution to the "fake" peace we have today.

How can this person who have never experience a war believe that it is ever a solution??? Have you ever killed a man? Would you like to? Have you ever held a dying man in your arms whose only worry is that his family will never knew he died? Have you never looked at pictures of children who have become the victim of war and natures malnutrition?? Have you ever stop to think that the peace you have no matter how fake and trivial it may seem to you is the reason people flee from other countries and into ours? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the reason that you are even still breathing is because of this fake peace????

I am not one for war, war should never even be an option. War has always been the last resort, and i doubt that our nation would need to resort to war regarding the political differences we are currently having. And unless you can tell me that you have been in a war before, that you have placed a dying mans head on the ground before so you could continue to kill others because their ideas differ from yours, then please.... mention not this absurd idea of war, you have no idea what you are asking for.

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