Saturday, August 1, 2009

Short update. It's trivial anyway.

Terasa lama tidak update blog.
When was the last time I blog about home decoration? Rindunya nak kongsi gambar2 best!!

When was the last time I read my Reader?
Still have 453 items to read and it's gonna keep increasing... Damn. =(

So what's new with me?

First, my laptop dah tak boleh access internet. Sakit hati.

Second, sudah start busy at the office, completion date for the project I am involved in is just around the corner. God, please give me strength and patient and calmness to handle all the workload. Amin.

Third, today I went to a highschool friend's wedding and got to meet kawan-kawan lama!! Yay!! It was like a reunion. So happy!! Bila lagi nak jumpa... time kawan-kawan kawin la kan? =D

Sorry for wasting your time. But i miss blogging so much i just have to type something here. Hehe. So that's it. A short trivial update from me.

I had a great Saturday. How's yours?


manje said...

dah banyak kerja dah?
no more lazying around eh?
nice weekend =)

ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

Baju je balik dari airport send ibu.
Tak dapat le spend time lama sangat, but OK lah. Quality time even kejap je. ^_^

I had a great Saturday too.

Sabrina said...

kak noi, ada typo. kite allergic typo. hehe.

manje, a'ah, kat office dah tak boleh rilek2 and tolong2 orang lain buat keje. dah kena start buat keje sendiri pulak. kang tolong orang lain keje sendiri tak siap pulak. =)

anyway, boleh lazying around lagi... tapi kat umah. hehe