Monday, December 21, 2009

How to be a lecturer (Funny Version)

Here are something you will need to avoid if you are serious for a career in lecturing.

During the interview:-

"Can you tell us a bit about your field?"
"Well lots of children play football on it in the evening.... the grass is green too..."

"Which part of the brain controls speech?"
"Somewhere around the head lah kot."

"Can you apply the theories of Physics to teaching?"
"Yes, the higher the velocity of my cane the more pain the student will endure."

"Tell us something bad about yourself"
"I hate reading."

"Do you know who Eisenhower is?"
"errr.... A football player?"

"Do you know its not good to answer a question with a question?"

"Are you able to execute other duties other than teaching?"
"Ehh I appy jadi lecturer lah... apahal plak kena buat benda lain?"

"Out of a hundred students, how many of them do you think would pass your subject?"
"All of them!"

"Which method of teaching do you think most suits you?"
"Tulis kat papan putih pastu suruh salin.... esok check.... kalau tak salin rotan lah..."

p/s - Untuk pengetahuan semua... Ini adalah jawapan beberapa manusia yang pernah diinterview untuk menjadi lecturer.... I worry for the academic world.

p/s and p/s - Will write the serious version tomorrow hahaha

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laughter is the best medicine!