Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twenty-three to twenty-ten

1. Wow. Twenty-three more days to year twenty-ten. *smile*

2. End of this month, my bff Emi is going to get engaged. Yay!! Christmas falls on Friday and the Engagement on Saturday, in Kuantan, Pahang. Am going to be working on that Saturday! I don't know what am I going to do about it... what i know is... i have to make a plan. Emi, if you are reading this, trust me, i so wanna be there for you but i can't promise, k?

3. I've been working in a new company for 6 weeks now. Am gonna share my first job-hopping experience with you, soon. *smiles*

4. Access to Blogger is blocked at the new company. That's why no new posts from me lately. Hehe

5. But that's okay! Since i can't blog at the office, so i will make scheduled posts! For your information, yesterday's post and this post are scheduled posts. There's gonna be more scheduled posts later on. *winks*

6. I think i'm beginning to lose my writing and communication skills in English, or maybe it's the confidence? Hmmph.

7. Anyway, Hanafee came here last weekend. Enough said. *Floating in the air* Haha.

8. Again, Twenty-three more days to year twenty-ten. Wow. Are you ready people??


Mel & Nana said...

Nana:same here..blogger kene block kt office.u still can use vidalia or privoxy la my dear..ive been using that since i started intern.good luck trying..n im hoping u can make it to emi's eng. cus that's the only time we're not rushing here n there..bleh borak panjang2..

aire said...

i'm not ready going on 2010... happy 2010 akak!!

pinkiecinderella said...

it's ok sab.. sab try la k.. kan best kalau sab n nana dapat join.. leh lepak same2.. hehe =)