Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to be a lecturer

Someone once told me its not an easy job to be a lecturer. The burden of shaping the minds of tomorrow is a burden people do not envy. How you act and react in class will ultimately shape the course of the future. Being a lecturer has its ups and downs. Regardless of whether it is the private or the government sector, lecturers are held to a certain level of standard that no other human beings are held to. My Boss once told me there are two things you need in order to be a good lecturer.

1) Knowledge.

Without adequate knowledge of your field it will be very difficult to be a lecturer. No matter what field you are currently in right now, anyone, anytime can be a lecturer. Given of course that you are prepared to answer anything and everything about your field. Some people go through their entire University/College life without ever really loving their field or getting to know the field. Thus they develop an insecurity that there are still things about their field they might not know about. I think its called a field of study because a field is where you go to have fun. You run, skip, hop, jump, and play on a field. The better you know your field the better player you would be and the more fun you would tend to have on them. So knowing your field well would definitely be an advantage considering you dont want your students outplaying you in your own field. So if youre looking to further a career in lecturing, being an expert in your field would definitely be an enticing deal.

2) Passion

For what it is worth, i believe this is the most important element in any lecturer or teaching position for that matter. Passion affects not only your performance, but most of all it affects the effectiveness of your teaching approach. As most of you might be aware of, there is a large variety of teaching approaches available, but all of it would be like a gun without bullets if you dont have the passion to teach. Always wanting to perform well in class would give your students a sense where they too need to be better, they too need to perform. Regardless of whether your scream at your students or persuade them into doing what you want, without passion, gun without bullets. But also remember that too much passion isnt a good thing as well, most people or norma people are laid back and passion tires them, so you do not want to have too much passion that you start tiring your students, but not too little that you start to look tired.

Although these two things are said to be the most important thing in being a lecturer, I believe there is another element that is just as important. Knowledge, Passion and the Passion for Knowledge.

The best teacher is also the best student. The one questions the most, the one who has almost all the answers, the one who realizes that there a certain things you just dont know, the one who speaks but not too much, and sits quietly but not too much. The one with the out of the box idea, the one who keeps wondering how everything works. The one with the thirst to learn and the hunger to know. Have adequate knowledge, Have passion for teaching, and have a passion for knowledge in its entirety.

About getting a teaching position. There a large amount of education institutions that are just dying for teaching man-power (and woman-power as well) and you should keep your eye out on vacancies that might open up in the private and government sector. Other than that, count your lucky stars because after that it all depends on whos the lucky one.

Hope this helps! Da!

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ya ya ...
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luck does count when we are going through life..
luck+ hardwork =)