Sunday, December 20, 2009


Its been more than a year since i started settling at my current job as a lecturer and over the past year, I have changed in more ways i could have ever imagined. When i first worked there as a lecturer, i was treated with an earful of bad things about the company i work in. Low salary pay, no benefits, impossible levels of achievement to justify increment, low paying bonuses and much more. Trust me to list everything here would take up three days to write.

It came to a certain point in my life there that i realized a few things. These people who dont like the company, still comes to work, everyday, doing the same thing theyve been doing for years. They arent looking for another job, they just dont like working here but moving is too much of a hassle. Yet, they hate the company to the heat of a thousand suns. Then i asked myself, these seniors, these so-called talented people who demand they be paid the right amount, why are they still here? Is it because they are less qualified to work somewhere else? if they are, lets say less qualified, then where does the confidence to demand come from?

Im not saying i agree totally on company policies. Trust me, ill be the first to admit that, but i always think to myself, there is always a way around the "system". For example:-

"Nak Bonus kena buat tiga program yang disertai oleh sekurang-kurangnya 50 orang pelajar."

You want the bonus money? Well you do exactly that. Three programs joined exactly byb fifty students. And once youve done it, and you dont get the bonus, then you rebel. Rebelling without cause is just plain childish.

Now the one thing that pisses me off is the fact that these so called seniors (people who came before you did) are usually persistent. they dont stop with you, they even look towards those people who came after you, and long after those juniors are gone, they'll still be there working at the same desk doing the same thing, everyday.

I am a man who believes that you should make the best out of a bad situation. Yes work is bad, yes the company sucks, but its our job to make things better and not just sit and whine about it. It takes a lot to make people change, i know, but if we dont try we'll never know. This past few months, ive been trying to distract myself with work. I work my ass off and hope that when i get home, im too tired to even think about how messed up my life is. And in two months, i can feel the emotional reward already rolling in. Now about money.... I wont lie, ive thought about it, but i think it is what it is, a bonus, if you get it then Alhamdulillah, if you dont, then work harder. But the emotional and psychological acknolwedgement is almost good enough to get me through the day. When someone looks at you and tells you "Good job!" or "Youre one of a kind". The feeling is exhilirating. But then yes, i cant be stuck with the same amount their paying me forever. So yes, i want a better salary. But theyve seen what i can do. with a better salary, i can only get better. Ive made my move, ive done what is needed, ive fulfilled the requirements, Im a good worker. Company, your move!

Make the best out of a bad situation, affect the people around you in a positive way, dont let them affect you negatively. Smile! Be greatful when others are credited, work harder if you wanna be credited at the same level. Be passionate about your job. Dont expect too much in return, be honest, dont look too much on what others are doing, focus more on your job. Always look at the potential and not the restrictions. Be innovative, be smart, be fast. Dont procrastinate or procrastinate but not too much. Dont forget to relax. When youve had a long day, reward yourself but not too much. If you did something wrong, berate yourself but not too much. Always stand close to your convictions. Adapt. Congratulate your friends. Think out of the box. Be brave, Take risks. Have fun.

Im 24 turning 25 in 2010. Ive worked at the same company for roughly a year and two months. Im young, im inexperienced, im easily distracted, im scared of new horizons, and i fear being irrelevant. I dont wanna complain about it. I wanna do something about it. I wanna stop fearing, i wanna stop being distracted, i wanna walk on new horizons. But most of all, "we were all meant to shine like children do, its not just in some of us, its in all of us, and as we let our own light shine, we unconciously give others permission to do the same, as we are liberated from our own fear."


Sabrina said...

yes they whine, and yes they wont bother to find another job... just because they are comfortable enough being in a company they whine about. in other words, they dont wanna take risks.

whining is ok. as long as we do something about it. hahhaa. like whining about the hardship to get epass in a new company and hell i used my aggressiveness and i got the epass in 1 day man!!

moral of the story is, be aggressive!! roar!! hahaha

but.. but... working hard is good.. working so hard till you get sick. that is NOT GOOD.

ape bidang ke-lecturer-an ini tiada teamwork ke? where are the other lecturers man?? *highly curious*

manje said...

nanti buat entry on how to become a lecturer yekkk
interested...though hanafee makes it sounds like it's like stepping into hell ;p

Hanafee said...

Ceklat - Actually almost all of the new lecturers dah semakin best. They think like the younger lecturers do and they have helped a lot!!! lupa nak mention. Sepatutnya ada bagitau of the recent dynamic shift in the group and how everybody is now working together towards the development of the faculty.

Manje - It is kinda like stepping into hell... but its the kind of hell you like... the kind of hell you dont mind actually... The good kind of hell hahhahaha... Now that you reminded me... i should have written that post a long time ago. By the way to everyone... my office tengah cari orang yang grad dengan ijazah pengurusan sistem pejabat if anyone is interested for a lecturing position.... Will write more manje! toodles!!!

manje said...

ijazah pengurusan sistem pejabat?
degree in management ke tuh?

Hanafee said...

Manje - Sort of... but i think its like a bigger field for kesetiausahaan... Secretarialship.... Yes ladies and gentlemen in a college called cybernetics we actually offer a program for secretaries :D

Syahir Rosli said...

Dear Hanafee..
My name is syahir, a childhood friend of sabrina. I'm a 4th year medical student studying in the Royal College of Surgeon Ireland. I was reading through your blog and I must say you have excellent english . One thing caught my mind though.. which was ure post titled 'Selamat 1 Muharam'. U mentioned that u were very sad coz u did not manage to recite the doa awal tahun and akhir tahun....
I would like to inform you that the amalan of reciting doa awal tahun and akhir tahun is not something which is practised by our Prophets and his companions. We claim such amalan as inovation(bidaah) which the prophet has asked us to stay a way from. However, I would like to point out that making dua is an amal which can be mad anytime, anywhere you want. But to say that one must recite a specific doa during maghrib to celebrate the new year is an inovation...
Hence, You dont have to feel sad for not being able to recite the doa awal tahun and akhir tahun..(its not even something that is gurranteed beneficial by the quran and hadith)
There are many places and times which the dua is mustajab.. one of them reported in a hadith is after you finish reciting your tahyat akhir and salam. So before u give ure salam, pray to ALLAH.

I do admire the fact that u felt sad when u missed the dua.. this shows that God has embedded the love of Iman in ure heart. just like what is mention in surah alhujurat, surah 49 verse 6..
That's all from me bro..

If u want to have a further discussion about this, u can add me on facebook..
Ahmad Syahir Mohd Rosli

Syahir said...

btw, this is a good article regarding doa..

Hanafee said...

Dear Syahir....

You misunderstand.... The 1 Muharram Post was not written by me... that was written by Sabrina.... My religion is very personal to me... and very much of it is silent contemplation and listening to those who know better...

Like I said... My religion is very personal to me... I dont let mere mortals determine my faith :D

Sabrina does have a tendency to be sad about those kinds of things and like you said... its a good thing... Bidaah by the way is divided into two... Hasanah and Dollalah....

That i leave up to your for further interpretation... Having said that... thanks for dropping by and be sure to drop by again to have a read...


syahir said...

Oh ho.. My bad.. I apologize for that..

btw, yup, bidaah is devided into hasanah and dollalah..

Btw,I would like to share a lecture regarding this matter.. I find it very interesting and it is taught not by some mere mortal..

salam alaik