Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poem : Eternal Place

Take me to a place where emotions are bare,
If just for a while,
take me there so i dare,
so i can smile,
so i no longer bleed,
or need....

Take me to a place where there is no tomorrow,
so i live in the moment,
without thinking of happiness and sorrow,
in days of eternal compliment,
so i no longer bleed,
or need....

Take me to a place where i can see,
moments in which i do not hurt,
i do not fear,
what lies here....
Let me bleed,
let me need,
let me lay my head to sleep eternally,
let me just die... quietly....

Hanafee Abdul Rahman (20th April 2008)

1 comment:

chrisshee said...


so this is the talented Hanafee, lover of our talented Sabrina.

the compassion, the deep thoughts, the spiritual senses, the complications of dilemma, the strengths and doubts, the contradictory self-beliefs and beliefs, the courage and also the setbacks, the victories and the letdowns..

everything contained within a simple poem that connects even to a stranger from the other end of belief.

you and Sabrina are leaders.

inspire the future. =D

i salute you!

as you continually improve and be more than who you are now, i'm sure ideal society is not beyond reach. i believe.