Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An undivided country

OK... this is pretty much what Me and Summer were talking about the night she lost her mood hehhe she said i should blog about it so here it is.

I am a member of a family that has always believed in democracy. In this sense, for me democracy is not about partisanship (party) but rather about the government or country. It is about patriotism. The best kind of democracy is when we give in or let another to rule because we now for a fact they can do better. So how do we know they can do better? through debate. If they are able to debate properly and well then they deserve my vote. If they talk more about how to solve the problem instead of just mentioning the problem then youve got my vote. Anwar for example spoke of rising gas prices, he's solution, "Im gonna make go down again." good or bad argument? As much as i would like to say i love democracy, i dont think our nation is ready for it. Anwar's argument was unacceptable for me. Why? because he mentions the solution to petrol hiking prices is by trusting him. That is it... A good debater would question, and whats your system for doing that??? How do you plan to do it? cutting taxes?? Raising individual taxes? Funding of subsidized fuel has to come from somewhere right? Where does it come from?

It is our mentality that when we are told something we do not question further. Summer questions and most of the time what she gets is people jeering. What kind of a nation are we turning out to be? The government lost the election because they refused to ask questions. You wanna talk about facts and numbers?? Last year alone the government succeeded in creating more than 7000 new jobs. 7000 thousand which would accumulate for almost 75% of government sponsored graduates... Did we hear the government talk about it??? NO why? because they dont read the reports handed to them. These reports were made so that you would read, educate yourself and answer questions.

Right after The Hindraf demonstration, a MIC candidate spoke of why the police needed force to end it. He stumbled on his words like he was a baby, and he is a leader!!! he even had the audacity to say "Im not there in Kuala Lumpur right now so im not really sure how their being dealt with." A leader of the nation who doesnt watch the news would not know. If he doesnt know that he simply does not care.

The worst thing about it is that its not his fault. Because we didnt raise the idea of public debate. We didnt tell our leaders that they need to be smarter. Being articulate is one thing, but being articulate and smart is a whole different matter. Essence is just as important as the delivery. So here is my take on our nation.

To be a better country we need better leaders, and to get better leaders we need leaders who are able to define the "regression" in perfectly simple manner for the country. We need leaders who ask questions and know the answers. we need them to read the report given to them. I talked to a friend about how the government is considering to halt mega projects in Penang, especially the Second Penang bridge and the PORR (Penang Outer Ring Road) and he said


and i said "Youre not worried about this??"
"Of course i am but kerajaan memang teruklah macam tu... dah nampak perangai setan dorang"
"The Penang government should talk it over with the federal government... find a compromise"
"We dont compromise... kalau tiap kali kerajaan ugut kami kena kompromi susahlah!!!"

At this point i was angered.

"It is for this reason i hate malaysian politics. It is not about compromising youre ideas or beliefs, its about compromising for the people. This two projects alone are going to create jobs that we are gonna need in the next month or so. If the price to pay for the Penang government to compromise with the federal government is so that future graduates would have job, then why dont they compromise??'

"Sebab tak guna compromise dengan kerajaan..."

"Have you ever tried it? Penang government are the ones holding leverage, the government cannot afford to put this project on hold forever, if they do they might risk losing the next general election, but it needs to be pointed out as well that the penang government took no effort of offering the government a compromise. Compromise!!! its for the good of the people. The Opposition might not like it i agree, but then again so does the federal government. But its gonna be a win for the people, and thats what government should be after. When it comes to governance, i dont care what party youre from regardless of what youre ideas are, because all i know is when you are governing you work for the people. What is wrong with the Penang Government going to the federal government and saying "Ok we know you cant halt it, we want it to run... what can we give you for you to proceed with the project?" now the government has a choice, pick something they like, or say no to the negotiations and lose the next election "Kita orang taknak apa apa kita orang just a bunch of sore losers yang taknak penang berkembang." you can see the news headline... but unless the Penang government tries to go and talk to them, nothing is going to happen.."

"So opposition kena merendahkan ego? kena pegi merayu dekat kerajaan?"

"its not begging, its opening up negotiations, if they refuse negotiations or even ask for something like 'semua menteri penang letak jawatan' then theyve already lost the next election. Why? cause the opposition can say this

'for the sake of better employment and advancement we have chosen to open negotiations with the federal government, but their request for all of us to step down is absurd, we have tried to serve for the people, to give people more jobs, to give people a better lifestyle, the government has chosen to say no...'

this speech alone will win the opposition the next election, but they have to initiate the first act of negotiation."

"whatever, kerajaan still teruk jugak.. aderker nak buat macam tu."

"that is whats wrong with our society today, we realize the fact that everyone is doing something wrong but the party comes first. The opposition comes first the UMNOs the MICs the MCAs the PASs the ADILs, that comes first, when in reality what should come first is the people."

"The leaders should be able to stand for their people, but more importantly they should also be able to kneel..." Gandhi said that.

Today our nation is divided not by democracy, but by party. The party always comes first, we forget that the very idea of patriotism is enhance the nation and not the party. Whats wrong with working with the opposition if what comes out of is going to benefit the people? Whats wrong with working with government is you create more jobs for future graduates??? Whats wrong with saying "I want it, and i know you want it too... lets talk how we both get what we want??" Its not about losing its about how to get the most out of things.

remember this... anyone who has managed to get to this paragraph... debate allows you to establish who knows more and who is more likely to do a good job. The only way to have a debate is if we have questions. How do you intend to make education free? How do you intend to make oil prices lower? How do you intend to keep creating new jobs when youre halting projects?

My dad once said to me

"They're creating better schools for the people, BISTARI, BIJAK those kinds of things..."
So i asked him "Wouldnt it be better if they just used the money to fix the level of education on the schools we already have?"
"That my son, is the right question to ask..."

Its all about questioning the leaders, questioning individuals and parties on how. How do you create more jobs>? how do you intend on going through your idea of being hard on crimes? How do you intend to help abolish corruption??

we should not settle for "Saya akan menghapuskan masalah korupsi dalam kerajaan kita.." we should only settle for what comes after that sentence... How do you do it....

I wish for an undivided country, a government that serves the people with leaders who knows the answers instead of throwing general comments at you...Dont you think that when someone tells you

"Saya akan mejadikan pendidikan negara kita percuma dengan menaikkan kadar cukai 10 peratus rakyat malaysia terkaya pada kadar 3 peratus secara tidak langsung memberikan kepada kerajaan lebih 1.4 billion wang untuk membantu masyarakat kita mendapatkan pendidikan percuma"

is better compared to when someone tells you

"saya akan menjadikan pendidikan negara kita percuma kalau anda undi saya.."

If we dont ask our leaders to be better on both sides then we will never ever be a great country. How can we reach for the stars when we're still arguing who gets to go??? Our country can be one of the greatest Islam nations in world history. We have the platform, we have the resources, now if we can find away to stop bickering about parties, then maybe, just maybe one day a hundred years from now people will write "Malaysia: Islams last hope" Or "Malaysia:The voice of global progress". But we can only do that if we serve the people, the country, the nation and not the party or ourselves.

the end

p/s - Mak aih panjangnya... Sayang... jangan turned off ok??? hheehehe i love you


Sabrina said...

No, tak turned off pun. =P i like this piece! but not, the other night conversation. coz that night, you sound so GOV. Nothing wrong with your debate defending the AUKU. next time, tell me earlier that u are neither A or B.. that you speak for the sake of patriotism and i wont make wild assumption.

asking too many questions doesn't equal to me being in the opposition party!

Nah...just because i used to be in SRC-Aspirasi, doesn't mean i'm with gov too. You get my point, abg?

I remember you said the other night, "you sound like pembangkang, syg". - turned off.

Yes, call me immature or have no stand - i just wanna live a peaceful life and at the same time contribute to whichever party who wanna buy my idea. eceh eceh. hehe.

Anyway, leaders are human, perhaps their nawaitu terpesong sekejap. You know like iman, ade tinggi ade rendah.

At first, they are so eager to work for the rakyat, to improve the current state of country...but lama-lama maybe they get too taksub with the PARTY - they reject those who are not THEM, even the great ideas, just because they are not THEM.

Hmm.. let's hapuskan semua party! kita bina party baru dengan mind set baru! erk, isn't that still a party too?

herh. *shrugs*

so how? let's change the word party to patriotism!

hehe. sekian.

Hanafee said...

actually asking questions do you equal you to the opposition party... but its a good thing because thats what the opposition should be doing... asking questions so the government is always on their toes to answer it :)

Youre what politic call the independent and in most national elections... like our previous one... elections are won by the independents. The number are this... 48 percent of the people are government sided... 40% percent are opposition and 12% are the independents. If the independents choose to observe and not vote government will win all the time... its when the independent start voting that everyone (gov. and opp) needs to work harder because independents usually have a higher intellectuality... they demand that parties prove their worth the vote...

So its a good thing you see??? heheh

i dont see you as the pembangkang... i see you as the independent... even if you were a pembangkang you would be an open-to-argument pembangkang which makes you a good pembangkang...

its the narrow minded ones (both opp and gov) thats limiting our mental growth