Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spontaneous Creativity

I had always pondered writing about this. Some think that this is a just a lame excuse for not wanting to go to class but in reality i have always believed this. Someone once told me that "Leaders are born not made.." someone also said it the other way around. I believe they are born. Some leaders are just born with that charisma to make others feel secured around them and some are just hard workers who try hard to make others trust in his ability. I think the mind works in the same way. You were born to do something specific. I come from a family that instills ideas of progress comes hand in hand with what you want. It doesnt matter how much you earn or how popular you become, as long you're happy with what you're doing, you'll be just fine. My brother once told me "Im not worried about you, even if you never step into a university, you'll make it fine through life."

When i first came to UKM it took me a while to understand the concept of class and the difference between a literature class (my major) and a social class (HR minor) and this was what i came up with.

"The mind cannot be great if its liberty is girded to tightly, without liberty the mind cannot take a breath"

The mind needs to roam free and roam far. It should confound expectations and compound knowledge. Oscar wilde once wrote "Education is an admirable thing, but its worth mentioning time to time that what is worth knowing cannot be taught."

My literature classes allowed for spontaneous creativity, making judgments and decisions on the dot at the moment and try to be as original and as creative as possible. While in other classes restraints were put and i wasnt able to cope.

A friend once told me that i was different. He said "we're different you and me, I plan my steps, i make sure i know what to do next... but you... youre different... you plan in your head so you dont think first.. its good but like people say your gift can also be your curse...."

"Your the wind, cold and untied, you go where ever you want and no one can predict you... you stand your ground when it comes and when youre angry, you hurl tidal waves to beat the earth..."

I think he was right... My mind does not need to be tied down or to be restricted and i think its the same with other people... if everyone allowed their mind to roam free of the restriction that is the four walls of a classroom. Limitations that halts the progress of intellectual minds. confines the developments of the brilliant mind. Chains the domination of the hereditory genius mind to the walls.... we would all at least be brighter people.

I believe that... what do you believe in???


Summer said...

unfortunately, the education system here doesnt teach us to let mind roam free and roam far.

i mean come on, in kindergarden, we were taught to draw cat exactly like the teacher did or showed in blackboard.

and if there was one kid who draw the cat differently in his own way, or in class he was very outspoken voicing out his mind...he would be treated like..he was sort of abnormal or weird.

not many people would wanna hang out with the kid. or people are afraid to be with him.

with the kind of education we have now, i guess that is why datangnye toyol in exams. haha. students are desperately trying to mock the book. (speaking from experience though) Herh.

heck, our mind can roam free, it's just we are too lazy to let it be.

for example, me. wahaha.

but it is interesting to know people who give the freedom to their mind though. =)

so, let's think out loud and write it out!

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