Friday, May 15, 2009

Cool tantrum

Okay something happened in the office today. A girl who teaches English with me threw a tantrum over some scheduling things. I have no problems with tantrums and fits happening in the office. Its a working place youre bound to be faced with the pressures and youre bound to let it snap. Not that I've ever snapped before, but i understood it. People handle pressure differently. Though its not my main point. There some things said directed at some very unfortunate people (wrong place wrong time hehe) who had to take the stick since they were there. The way it was said, was uncool. Okay i know this sounds ridiculous but at the precise moment i was thinking

"Thats a very uncool way of doing it, at least biarlah macam cool skit marah... like a dark stare or silent anger (like Hulk) or go storming at the boss (like a lose cannon)"

The way she did it was like she was whining out loud. And i thought it was funny. Ini marah ke, aper? Marah ke mengeluh kuat-kuat. Dont get me wrong, i think her tantrum was justified, she should have been angry, but if i have one advice for her is that it should be cool. Like one of those gangster movies where the mafia boss is angry but keeps that calm voice, hehe that would be cool.

I hope that when its my turn to be angry, or throw a tantrum, i'd have the decency to at least be cool when i do it hehehhe.

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