Sunday, May 24, 2009

One tough killer interview

"Why [company name] should hire me?"

interview. Honestly it was the hardest one, for me.

It was supposed to be a presentation followed by Q&A, but I was ordered to just talk without looking at slides. So there I was, standing in front of 4 managers, trying so hard to make an awesome introduction, but miserably failed because I was pushing myself so hard I got so nervous and blur I didn't understand what I was saying and one panel directed me to go out and cool down.

Hahaha. Yeap. That's the truth. No exaggeration.

The worst start of "selling myself" I've ever done in my life! And I was so ashamed of myself, of my worst beginning. *thinking*. At first, rasa malu nak mengaku malu, just shared the feeling with one friend only, but now I think, "Hey I learned something. Why not share it with readers? So together we can learn something from my awful experience."

Ok. After the bad start, I talked talked talked with 150% confidence, grammar hilang entah kemana tetiba, sebut strengths pun pelat sampai dibetulkan managers and not to mention the overused "I believe" phrase. =D

One panel said he's bored listening to me yet he's wide awake, smiled and laughed every time I said something.
Second panel said I was masuk bakul angkat sendiri and we laughed, I brushed it off.
Another panel pretended like he's sleeping and not listening yet he heard me when I mentioned his name.
At a certain point of the interview, he even called me "Haprak" and I replied with a smile and thank you.
All the panels laughed at me, I'm not sure whether it's a good kind of laugh or a bad one, but I laughed together with them.

One tough killer interview, indeed.

In conclusion, it was one hell of an experience. One experience to remember. One experience that motivates me to perform better and much calmer next time. =D

So, what do u think?
What's your interview experience?


manje said...

hye hanafee&sabrina
love both of your writting
i linked your blog if you don't mind =)

Anonymous said...

Just had an university placement interview. It went well.

I think I should slow down when I talk though.

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

i've never been to job interviews before.. but for interviews in university like scholarship etc.. yes..

i think it is important to know the objective of attending the interview.. and being our own self is the best choice.. =)

Adil said...

Guys! I only knew you have new a blog when Sab told me! I'm lovin it! =)

I've never been asked to go out and cool down during interviews before.. Not that I've been to many, but the Petronas scholarship one was kinda tough.. and long.. it lasted 3 days. The whole time we were nervous wrecks. I think I rambled on a lot but thank god they saw something and I got it. Yay..

For work, it must be something else.. I've read some things here and there on the net, they all tell the same thing, that is, to sell yourself.

keep up the good work guys =)

amme said...

i had once... 3 interviewers... one with the pale face, unsmiling... psyching me me back, but she didn't notice that the true psycho is me... haha... the rest of the interviewers neutral... sigh.. i didn't get the jobs... too nervous... lack of confident... even if simple question i cant answered correctly... wwoooo... =)..

eLianEz said...

hey babe!
erm..macam kurang percaya sikit la u nervous2 ne..neway, its all about experience..and i believe u've got m0re to c0me..m0ge2 cepat dapat keje supaya tak yah g interview lagi!nak di temuduga ne kite kene percaya pada diri sendiri supaya menjadi diri sendiri..that is the m0st important m0st tough interview was when the interviewer keep asking me why i want to w0rk in the c0mpany when i already got a job..gile total pshyco interviewer itu..aku pule konon2 penuh yakin asik ckp nak jgk2 kje kat situ..n i g0t the job!,kne tunjuk kite beriya2 kot nak kje tempat dia..hehe..go0d luck!

Sabrina said...

@manje - hi manje. we are glad you love our writings. thank you for the link =) keep reading ya?

@wayeyoung - when we talk so fast, it's either because of nervousness or excitement. Perhaps English is your first language, that's why you talk so fast!

@adil - yeap true, sell ourselves and not to forget, be honest. Honesty wins. =)

@amme - until now you still think you are the real psycho?? =P

@eliz - aku tau ramai cam susah nak percaya yg i could be that nervous sampai disuruh kuar but that's the truth babe. it took me some time to accept it girl. Damn. and hey, glad u got the job! and guess what? me too!! =D

pinkiecinderella said...

hye sab..rsnye kan interviewer tu just nak test samada sab can work under pressure or not..and i think u have done a good job babe..congrats!

eLianEz said...

so bile start?n kat mana tu..kalo dekat2 sini bukeh shopping2 selalu!

ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

Wah congratzz Sab.
Proud of you.

Tapi memang lah, dia nak uji je tu. HAHAHA. I will update about the DPLI Interview plak.