Monday, May 25, 2009

Writing For Comical Purposes

Im a lecturer at a private college in Kuala Lumpur and often at times I am faced with students who have a less than average capacity for the English language. This semester I have been teaching for the past three months the subject of Writing for Academic Purposes. A class designed to teach students to write in English as well as academically. This includes references, quoting and such.

I love my students with all the days of my life. They are my brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. they are the future of our nation. But I have to say, marking writing papers for these students can be a daunting task. So here i provide you with some minor and also major titles of these write-ups and for all my students reading, If your title was not posted, do not be disheartened, ill probably find something in the conclusion to remark you paper :D.

"Death - when you die." (she already wants me dead)
"War - Where is the love" (He claims he came up with the title all by himself)
"Our World Today - Save the earth for our good in future because the earth is only our world.' (yes this the title)
"Parents - My mom and my dads" (uh-oh)
"Hinduism - What god?" (herm?)
"Custom Community at Malay in Malaysia country"
"Custom Community at Indian in Malaysia Country" (yes they are roomates)
"Black Music and Killing Goats" (Sigh)

Dear students, I love you all, but youre going to have to step up and start writing about issues that matter and issues that are made clear. This is just for laughs and as long as it takes Im going to fix this hehe but for now, ill enjoy my job. :D


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