Sunday, June 28, 2009


Movie Title : CLOSER

“And you left him, just like that?”
“It’s the only way to leave. ‘I don’t love you anymore. Goodbye.’”
“Supposing you do still love them?”
“You don’t leave.”
“You’ve never left someone you still love?”

My words:
- It's amazing how one can make the complicated simple.
- I havent't watch this movie yet. Hmmph.
- Have you watched it?


manje said...

i dah tengok movie ni,but still dah samar-samar sikit jalan cita die.
erm..yes, it's about love.complicated la jugak how the story goes,lau tak silap julia roberts pun ada in this movie kan?
but it's worth watching =D

Sabrina said...

yeap if i'm not mistaken, julia roberts ade.. jude law pun ade.. ^_^ pelakon2 hebat. tentu bukan calang2 love movie ni. =D

plus, i think not bad jugak quotes dalam movie tu.. definitely gonna watch it. =)

Hanafee said...

Ive watched this movie. Clive Owen Husband Julia Roberts tapi Julia Roberts cheated on him dengan Jude Law yang bercinta dengan Perempuan rambut merah dalam gambar tu... one line memorable when clive owen found out and gaduh dengan julia roberts. dia cakap

"Tell me, how did he taste?"
"He tastes like you, but sweeter!"
"thanks... i needed to hear that..."

its a story about twisted love. I didnt really like the movie... havent recomended it to anyone. Still wont i guess hahaha