Sunday, June 28, 2009

Work area at home

Left: In a cupboard! Buka tutup buka tutup. Save space.
Right: Neat. Tapi macam pura-pura je. Takde wayar berselirat semua. Haih.

Left: Ah~ My dream working space!! Minus the headless mannequin.
Right: Clear plastic desk and chair looks cool. But in a bedroom?? Na-ah.
Hanafee wouldn't like it.

Macam serabut dengan banyak benda but this pic got my attention I don't know why.
Perhaps that's the reality. It's supposed to be messy. Hehe.


`narumi said...

hmmm... nape byk post psal perabot2 je smenjak due menjak ne huhuhu... ade makne pape ke?

ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

Hihi. I still love my workspace the most =).
Colorful, bright and.. messy T__T

manje said...

in the cupboard tuh macam menarik.sgt jimat space.n sangat praktikal =)
but love the lower left one!!
so feminine .

Hanafee said...

yes sabrinas work space is no place for a husband or romance. Workaholic! heheh