Thursday, June 25, 2009

Staying and Leaving

It was pretty evident how things never stay the way they are. Everyday we meet new people and some we keep in our hearts forever. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck with a few, and sometimes, no matter how irrelevant and how idiotic it may seems, something always manages to justify staying stuck. There is no proportional matter and nothing seems less significant compared to the other. We tend to forget sometimes we don’t think using our heart, and we tend to remember what we feel instead of what we should be thinking about or what we were thinking at that moment.

I once heard that "I didn’t know where she was, an answer only my heart can think of." Can a heart think? Does it matter? Which is more important? If a heart can think then can it act irrationally and idiotically? If it can then how do we know we're making the right decisions?

This is how we make sure.... we stay anyway, hoping and praying that a miracle might happen. Lightning does strike twice and in the famous words of Aragorn "There is always hope". So how long do we wait? Until the heart "thinks" that its time to leave. Not giving up, just making a rational decision. If a heart is able to think irrationally then it can also think rationally (theoretically speaking of course) When the heart no longer hurts or cries for another touch. But the idea, we stay as long as we can, as timidly as we can, as bearable the pain is, as undeniable as it is, as suffering as it is, as lovingly and passionately as it is.

Sometimes it’s not how we came that matters, its how we stayed through pain and sorrows, through laugh and tears.

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