Monday, June 29, 2009

Home Library

Ok so Seeing the workspace post by Sabrina made me think about my little dream of having my own personal library. One like my dad used to have. His own library and an office. But i didnt want something yang nampak tua so here are some cool designs i found.

The first and the second ones are rather contemporary. I like the first because it makes books synonymous with entertainment and the second is just plain awesome. The Third Pic rather practical tapi a bit cluttered lah. The fourth and Fifth one is just plain cool and awesome even the awesomest in an orang tua kind of way but i love it. Looks cool an peaceful and elegant!!


Sabrina said...

ape bende yg macam black mirror kat rak buku tu? TV ke? hmmmph. Library sepatutnya kena nyaman dan tenang.. tak sesuai dicampur-aduk-kan dgn benda bising2 ni. heh. =P

i love 2nd picture!!! Simply because it's colorful! But i dont like the blue wall and blue carpet.

I like the concept of 3rd picture but the color macam a bit bosan je..macam mengantukkan je.. hehe

4th pic.. hmm.. bagus jugak rak kat bawah.. tak yah susah susah nak panjat amik buku.. but the chairs gotta go. oldish.

5th picture. i love it!! rak buku bertutup. =)

Hanafee said...

woi samseng kecik!

kutuk design daddy ek? ceit!

manje said...

suke-suke yang last tu
kene simpan gambar ni..
t leh wat rujukan..
(konon-konon nak buat library jugak la)